We want to create a vibrant, rewarding, life enhancing community for all to participate in.

We are committed to making

A Difference

National Pride is a social enterprise enabler. We are a team that aim to build “a new type of green community” to make fundamental change in the provision of housing and care in the UK. We partner with Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords to build community living. An enabler who will redirect surplus profit back into the project to ensure sustainability and continued development.


Secure land

Including from ‘waste reclamation and recycling’ of domestic waste landfill sites


Get the right people

An experienced delivery team with cumulatively hundreds of years’ experience behind them


Create a Community

For the inclusion of all in our society to enjoy a better social, physical and psychological wellbeing


make a difference

In the provision of safe and healthy towns and communities across the entire spectrum of our society.


Coming together
Encourage national and local organisations, authorities, charities, business and local community partners to come together to create sustainable intergenerational communities
Affordable homes
Create a fundamental change in the housing sector and the provision of affordable homes, physical and mental healthcare and employment opportunities for all including the vulnerable in our society.
Make ready the multiple and diverse resources the country will require to meet the ever-increasing needs of an ever increasingly ageing population with long term health conditions including failing eyesight, dementia, isolation, unhealthy diet and mobility needs.
Create employment for support staff and provide skills training for those in need.
Living well
Ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live well, have satisfying and financially rewarding employment.
Facilitate a macro view for the intergenerational living and vibrant community environment as a whole to ensure that the appropriate partners are identified and engaged on day one.
Ensure all community members are treated with dignity and without prejudice.
Energy efficiency
Promote energy efficiency and ‘smart city’ technologies for a ‘better built and safe environment’.
Financially stable
Ensure all intergenerational communities are financially stable for the care and well being of all residents regardless of individual personal wealth and personal circumstances.
Renewable energy
Ensure excess profits generated by the intergenerational community, through renewable energy generation and other commercial activities, are redirected back to the community.
Eliminate fuel poverty
Eliminate fuel poverty concerns for those living within the intergenerational community.
Promote education in local schools and the wider community of the health issue needs of the elderly, the mentally disadvantaged, the homeless and drug and alcohol dependent citizens and the elimination of prejudice within the wider community of the marginalised and vulnerable in our society.
Making Connections
To invest our resources in understanding national priorities, local authority and community needs and make valuable connections with all interested parties bringing together government and business enterprises, charities, locally focused groups and organisations to ‘make a difference’ in the provision of safe and healthy towns and communities across the entire spectrum of our society.


Our wider strategy is to provide a long term, sustainable vision of a prosperous and inclusive ‘Intergenerational Communities’ within a quality urban environment and with a range of services including healthcare for the elderly and vulnerable in our Society making them attractive places to live, work, visit, grow, develop, integrate and encourage investment for all.