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Our Mission
National Pride UK will work with all parties willing to ‘make a difference’.
National Pride UK creates new commercial and residential living communities combining modular and traditional construction, self and community build projects that provide a real opportunity for all in society to enjoy a better social, physical and psychological wellbeing.
Social Values
National Pride is a Community Interest Company and concentrates on ‘social value’ projects on a ‘profit for a purpose basis’ and generates revenue directing excess profit back into the projects and other local community initiatives supporting the vulnerable in our society.
To provide real “affordable” quality housing availability for all including target sectors the homeless, mentally ill, the marginalised, ageing and vulnerable adults.
Surplus profits are used to provide education and employment training for unskilled men, women and transgender persons to build their own homes to create communities where they will take a pride in living and nourishing the community.
To give those without a home and otherwise no hope of getting back into mainstream living a real opportunity to own their homes through rent to buy, shared ownership, buy at a discount on open market value schemes.


National Pride UK will fully understand a local community’s needs, plans and aspirations, to identify any deficiencies in the provision of healthcare, care homes, local amenities, sport facilities, education and employment opportunities.  To create a vibrant, safe, ‘living community’.
To provide commercial, financially stable, business opportunities for investors to participate in creating ‘profit’ to generate self-sustaining revenue for the support of the wider community and individuals needing assistance to live without fear of financial poverty or hardship.

All housing and buildings will be of ‘energy plus’ standard producing ‘energy surpluses’ to sell to the National Grid to provide valuable income to sustain the community.

Energy production during the community pre-build phase, from ‘waste reclamation and recycling’ of domestic waste landfill sites, to provide additional funding for the ‘build phase’.

Utilise innovative ‘funding solutions and structures’ to finance the creation of each community.
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Join us
Come and help us achieve Our Mission and we will find the resource you need to grow and develop your ‘intergenerational community’.